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    Scope of application:1: Aging test of adapter, industrial power supply, switching power supply, LED, etc. 2: Used for aging trolleys, aging cabinets, aging rooms, automatic aging systems, etc.

    1: Independent load unit supports aging test of multiple sets of different output power.
    2: Support CC (constant current) mode, CV (constant voltage) mode, can be mixed and used.
    3: Both CC and CV modes can be used in parallel to increase the load current and power.
    4: Over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-power protection.
    5: With remote voltage acquisition function to improve the accuracy of voltage measurement.
    6: Up to 93% conversion efficiency.
    7: Use low-voltage power supply system to improve safety.
    8: Fully isolated RS485 communication.
    9: Full digital control, digital monitoring type electronic load.
    10: Sturdy housing structure and excellent heat dissipation system.
    11: High quality and cost-effective

    Technical parameter

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