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    Automation Classic
    Burn-in Series
    Software And Test Series
    Whole Line Display Series

    Scope of application:1: Aging test of adapter, industrial power supply, switching power supply, LED, etc. 2: Used for aging trolleys, aging cabinets, aging rooms, automatic aging systems, etc.

    1: With CAN communication interface for parallel module and computer communication.
      2: Intelligent thermal management function to effectively reduce fan noise and increase fan life.
      3: multiple protection functions: over-temperature protection, output over-voltage under-voltage protection, input over-current, over-power protection.
      4: Bit address code switch, support multi-module parallel or networking work.
      5: The input voltage and loading method can be controlled by computer.
      6: Energy feedback network, can save 80% of energy, recycling, energy saving and environmental protection
      7: Monitor the output current and output voltage of each power supply
      8: With constant current and constant voltage discharge mode, channel can be set independently
      9: D2D module can be used in combination or separately
      10: Modular design of power unit, flexible configuration, quick replacement, and easy maintenance

    Technical parameter

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