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    Technical Support
    common problem
    AskSynchronous belt, belt slip
    AnswerProblem Analysis 1: The tensioning wheel is not locked and loosened; Inspection method: Check the tensioning wheel; Solution: Lock tensioning device; Problem analysis 2: Loosening of the driving wheel and driven wheel; Check method: Check the driving wheel and the driven wheel. Solution: Lock the driving wheel and driven wheel;
    AskCylinder plus guide rod mechanism old shaking
    AnswerProblem Analysis 1: The bearings and bushing guides used are too short; Check methods: Check bearings and bushings; Solution: Replace long length guide parts; Problem 2: Loosening of guide rods; Check method: Check guide rods; Countermeasure guides re-lock and lock;
    Ask After eliminating electrical reasons, the motor suddenly becomes misaligned and its accuracy deteriorates.
    AnswerProblem Analysis 1: Loose couplings such as couplings, synchronous wheels, and timing belts; Inspection method: Manually inspect couplings, synchronous wheels, timing belts, etc.; Remedy: Tighten the relevant component screws and replace them if damaged; Problem 2 : Limit position, origin sensor position loosening change; Check method: Check whether the sensor is loose; Solution: Re-adjust the position of the sensor and lock it, if it is damaged, replace it; Problem analysis 3: Looseness of the sensor; Check method: Check Sensing film; Solution: adjust the fixed sensor;
    AskSensors such as optical fibers have poor sensitivity
    AnswerProblem Analysis 1: There is dust, foreign matter to block the sensor light and light at the place; Check method: check the induction; Solution: Clean the foreign body, and regularly clean the sensor; Problem analysis 2: Loose sensor mounting screws; Check method: Check the installation Screws; Solution: Tighten the screws to fix the sensor; Problem 3: Differences in light intensity; Check methods: Shield the outside light, stabilize the light source, and troubleshoot the problem; Remedy: Adjust sensitivity;
    AskThe accuracy of the mechanism deteriorates suddenly
    AnswerProblem Analysis 1: loose screws, missed positioning pins, etc.; Inspection method: check screws and pins; Solution: re-alignment, tighten the screws, add thread glue, then add thread glue. In addition to missing pins; Problem Analysis 2: The body part has obstacles, affecting the accuracy; Check method: Check the organization for obstructions; Solution: Clear obstructions;
    AskCylinder movement abnormal alarm
    AnswerAnalysis of the problem 1: The mechanical structure of the guide shaft or other mechanical components is stuck due to foreign matter, causing the cylinder to fail to operate normally. Inspection method: Observe if there is any foreign matter. Solution: Remove any foreign matter. Replace it if it is damaged. Problem Analysis 2: The cylinder operates normally, but the cylinder sensor does not light; Check method: Observe whether the cylinder sensor is off or not. Solution: Loosen the sensor, adjust and tighten the sensor screw, and the cylinder is damaged. Loose, change the cylinder; sensor damage, need to replace the sensor; Problem 3: Circuit contact failure inspection method: check the circuit   Solution: Reconnect
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